Cyber Liability Insurance

Protect your customers—and your business—in the case of a data breach

Data breaches can happen when you least expect it, and they can cost your company money, time, credibility, and even the business itself.

Kingsgate is a cyber liability expert. We've partnered with brokers for specialty insurance products that protect you against costs associated with data breaches, such as:

  • Notification Costs
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Costs to defend claims by state regulators
  • Fines and penalties
  • Loss from identity theft

Businesses large and small are susceptible to cyberattacks. Make sure your operation is covered before you suffer a data breach. Call Kingsgate Insurance today for a quote.


A Great Policy, A Great Claim Experience
A Great Policy, A Great Claim Experience

Insurance is a contract between an insured and the insurance company. When a loss happens, how that contract was constructed becomes extremely important in determining the outcome of a claim. Matt Brown, owner of Pasquale's Italian Restaurant, explains why Kingsgate's approach focused on coverage first, and why that matters when you need the policy.

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Case Studies

Managing Risk in an Electronic World: Why Cyber Liability Is Critical

One of Kingsgate’s clients is a thriving chiropractic practice in northwest Iowa. The practice has more than 5,000 patient records on file, digitally stored on premise or with a cloud provider. Having all the patient files stored digitally is a sign of an efficiently run practice—but it also presents an elevated risk: liability associated with the loss of patient information.

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