Habitational Insurance

Protection for your tenants, your property, and your business

Kingsgate has specialized in insuring habitational risks since 1998.  We’ve partnered with carriers who offer comprehensive products for property managers and property owners.  We understand that consistent pricing and coverage terms are critical in assisting property managers/owners keeping their properties on budget.  Our carriers will deliver on both of those key items.

Kingsgate Insurance helps you protect your investment with habitational insurance, asking crucial questions that you'll want to consider, such as:

  • What would it cost to replace your building today?
  • What things does your policy cover— and what's excluded?
  • Does your property have features with increased risk potential, such as a swimming pool, playground, or lake?
  • Is your property in compliance with all local ordinances or laws?
Ask us about unique habitational coverage, along with discounts for:
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Smoke-free properties
  • Stovetop suppression
  • Low-temp freeze alarms
  • Hard-wired smoke detectors

Our carriers have an appetite for all habitational risks – market rate apartments/condos, low income apartments, & student housing can all be placed competitively with our carriers.

Please contact Kingsgate to review coverage for your property management company or property portfolio.


Ernie Williams Limited, A Work Comp Success Story
Ernie Williams Limited, A Work Comp Success Story

After years of attempting to reduce his workers compensation mod through safety programs and employee incentives, Jim Wilcox finally found a way to drive his mod cost down: working with Kingsgate.

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Case Studies

Kingsgate fills critical gaps in condo and apartment coverage

Property managers and apartment owners are contractually responsible for maintaining the condition of the residences they manage. Standard property and liability policies protect managers and owners from typical bodily injury and property damage claims.But what most property owners don't realize is that standard property and liability insurance typically excludes coverage for a critical exposure area: pollutants.

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