Trucking / Transportation Insurance

Complete protection for your commercial vehicles— and your business

Not all trucking and commercial vehicle coverage is created equally — and unfortunately, you may discover what your policy lacks at the moment you need it most.

Vehicular accidents can:

  • Represent a high-dollar loss for your business
  • Involve a serious injury or death
  • Cause physical damage to property and to the vehicle itself
  • Result in lost productivity from either the employee or the vehicle that’s out of commission

Ensure your policy will respond effectively to a severe loss. The Kingsgate Insurance professionals will analyze your situation and advise you on the options that makes the most sense for your business.


In the Trucking Business, Relationships Matter
In the Trucking Business, Relationships Matter

One of Kingsgate's trucking clients gives his perspective on why he works with Kingsgate Insurance. His conclusion: a combination of trust, communication, & great advice.

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Case Studies

Kingsgate fills critical gaps in condo and apartment coverage

Property managers and apartment owners are contractually responsible for maintaining the condition of the residences they manage. Standard property and liability policies protect managers and owners from typical bodily injury and property damage claims.But what most property owners don't realize is that standard property and liability insurance typically excludes coverage for a critical exposure area: pollutants.

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