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How healthy is your experience mod?

Workers’ compensation is not just an employee benefit. It’s something your company is required by law to provide.  That said, workers compensation is also the most transparent type of business insurance, and the type of coverage where employers have the greatest degree of control over their premiums.

Once a business reaches a certain size, it develops an Experience Modification Rate (EMR).  The EMR directly impacts the premiums each employer pays for workers compensation, but many employers don’t realize a key fact about the EMR:  it is calculated in a way to heavily tax reactive approaches to work comp claims. 

In other words, proactive claims management (and prevention) can save substantial premium dollars – that’s where Kingsgate excels.  Through a proactive approach, Kingsgate will help employers drive down their EMR and reduce their workers compensation premiums over time.  Kingsgate will be in your corner throughout the claim process advising you what is in your best interest as an employer.

In addition to helping employers attain their minimum EMR, Kingsgate also assists with audits and audit disputes.  Are your employees classified correctly on your workers compensation
policy?  If you have employees that have been misclassified on a prior WC policy term, it is possible to recover any premiums an employer may have overpaid due to a misclassification.  

Contact Kingsgate today to ask about our numerous risk management services specific to workers compensation!

Did you know…

In some industries—particularly construction—a poor EMR can exclude your company from gaining contracts to work on certain jobs? Avoid this possibility with one call to Kingsgate.


Ernie Williams Limited, A Work Comp Success Story
Ernie Williams Limited, A Work Comp Success Story

After years of attempting to reduce his workers compensation mod through safety programs and employee incentives, Jim Wilcox finally found a way to drive his mod cost down: working with Kingsgate.

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Ernie Williams, Ltd. Slashes its Workers Comp Expenses

Ernie Williams, Ltd., is a thriving business operating in Algona, Iowa, and north central Iowa. Founded in 1950 by Ernie Williams, the company today is led by president Jim Wilcox and counts a successful group of John Deere lawn and farm implement dealerships and Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealerships among its holdings. Even with everything it had going for it, Ernie Williams, Ltd., had an expensive problem to solve.

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