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Agribusiness has its own unique issues and opportunities—and as a farmer or agribusiness owner, you need an insurance company with a high degree of specialized knowledge.

Kingsgate Insurance offers insurance for all types of agribusinesses, from large commercial livestock and crop operations to family farms with fewer acres or hobby farms.

Farm Insurance
Property, Liability and Umbrella

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance
Crop, Livestock, Margin Protection, Pasture Range Forage (PRF)

Crop-Hail Insurance

Custom Farming, Feeding, and Spraying Coverage

Agricultural Trucking

Workers Compensation for Agricultural Employees

Hog and Poultry Barn Insurance – Including Suffocation and Care, Custody, or Control Coverage

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Personal Insurance


When looking at price there are all sorts of factors to consider when it comes to what actually makes up and determines the cost of your insurance. Now keep in mind that each person who needs insurance is their own unique person or individual. So a quote for you won’t be the same or identical to your neighbor because of the specific factors we are going to discuss with you.

It’s our job to educate you and give you an understanding of what drives the price of insurance. Please watch the short video below to give you a better understanding of the factors that impact the pricing on insurance.


Potholes in life come in various sizes and shapes, much like when you stumble across potholes in insurance. You may have stumbled across some already or you are looking to avoid them which is why you are here!

Watch this video below as Kingsgate Insurance goes on to explain some common potholes you may or may not have experienced and how you may be able to prevent them.


Purchasing a home is probably the biggest investment you will make. We’ll be here to help you make sure you are protected from the unexpected with insurance coverage that is just right for you.

Cars can be a fairly large investment – one that you will want to make sure to protect in situtions you cannot control. Auto insurance doesn’t just protect your car if there is an accident, it protects you as well. We’ll be here to help you navigate auto insurance and make sure you are protected.

When you rent or lease, your landlord’s insurance usually only protects the building – not your personal belongings. We want to make sure you are properly protected.

When you rent or lease, your landlord’s insurance usually only protects the building – not your personal belongings. We want to make sure you are properly protected.

Besides the four main personal lines categories we can help you get insurance coverage for everything else like motorcycles, secondary homes, travel, flood, pets, classic cars, water crafts, valuable possessions and more!

Personal Lines Proposal Request

Note that the provider we use to collect your personal information is encrypted to the highest standards available – we selected our vendor with data security in mind. Click the button below to access our Personal Lines Survey to Request a Quote below.

The survey is specifically built for homeowners and auto insurance coverage, but we are also able to provide all types of insurance coverage, including:

  • Homeowners’ insurance
  • Personal auto
  • Life insurance
  • Personal umbrella
  • Motorcycle, RV, collector car, watercraft
  • Flood insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Rental insurance
  • Health insurance

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