Developing a niche can serve any business well. Maybe even more so in the construction field when it comes to serving the complex needs of industrial clients. Working in facilities where the concern of severe losses may run high with insurers, it is paramount that the carrier you are looking to negotiate terms with clearly understands the level of your expertise and the emphasis placed on worker and product safety in these environments.

One of the first challenges a company may face when beginning or maintaining a relationship with an Industrial client is clearing their contractor screening process. Many Industrial facilities utilize companies like, ISNetworld, Avetta or a host of others. These platforms scrub the written safety programs a client has in place as well reviewing and evaluating certain key metrics designed to measure your safety performance.

As a result, managing and maintaining a couple of key metrics like your Experience Modification Rate (EMR) and OSHA Incident and DART Rates. Should these numbers slide outside of the acceptable range it could exclude your company from performing work in these profitable facilities.

At Kingsgate, we have built our platform to specifically address these needs. Some of the items our team of professionals can assist with include:

  • An online portal for single point of entry on your OSHA 300, 301 and 300A documents as well any applicable First Report of Injury.
    • This tools helps recognize errors should you be recording a non-recordable event as well as accurately completing your 300A which will ultimately determine your OSHA Incident Rate.
  • Professional workers’ compensation claims management.
    • Kingsgate provides a team of former workers’ compensation adjuster to help ensure the best possible outcomes on your work place injuries. Not all workplace injuries impact your EMR with the same significance and how they are managed can have enormous impact on this critical number.
  • Assistance with developing and maintaining your written safety program to ensure compliance with compliance with your client’s clearinghouse, like ISNetworld, Avetta, etc.
    • Why labor on trying to track down the correct policies when our team has ready-built solutions to help at their fingertips
  • Developing and managing your ongoing OSHA compliant safety training program.
    • The best policies are only as effective as your employee’s ability to comprehend and execute them. This is done through ongoing education, that is easily distributed, monitored and auditable.
    • Programs focused on lockout/tagout, rigging and lifting, crane safety, personal fall arrest systems and MORE…
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