Working high above the ground may not strike fear in the climbers tasked to do the work, but it certainly will an insurance carrier underwriter. Like all businesses, not all companies in the tree trimming industry are equal. Those that have committed to best practices in worker and product safety should be treated as such.

At Kingsgate, we’ve been serving those in the tree trimming arena since 2007. With that experience comes a platform focused on the critical areas of the operation that helps insurers know they are getting a “best in class” operation. That track record has also uniquely positioned Kingsgate to have access to a critical mass of insurers focused on this industry in all lines of coverage, including Workers’ Compensation, Commercial General Liability, Commercial Auto, Equipment (Inland Marine) and Excess. This access allows us to not only find the best fit depending on your needs but also negotiate the best terms.

In addition, our team of professionals can assist on items like the following:

  • An online portal for single point of entry on your OSHA 300, 301 and 300A documents as well any applicable First Report of Injury.
    • This tools helps recognize errors should you be recording a non-recordable event as well as accurately completing your 300A which will ultimately determine your OSHA Incident Rate.
  • Professional workers’ compensation claims management.
    • Kingsgate provides a team of former workers’ compensation adjuster to help ensure the best possible outcomes on your work place injuries. Not all workplace injuries impact your EMR with the same significance and how they are managed can have enormous impact on this critical number.
  • Assistance with developing and maintaining your written safety program that emphasizes areas of concern for your business like, fall protection, lockout/tagout, driver safety and more.
  • Developing and managing your ongoing OSHA compliant safety training program.
    • The best policies are only as effective as your employee’s ability to comprehend and execute them. This is done through ongoing education, that is easily distributed, monitored and auditable.
    • Imagine having a fall or auto accident and being able to immediately distribute a safety training program specifically to address this while it is fresh in the mind of the team. Our team can help do this.
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