7 Ways to Shop Smart and Save Money at the Grocery Store

These days, going to the grocery store can create a bit of sticker shock! Inflation has driven up the price of filling everyone’s shopping list. Here are a few money-saving tips you can use to help keep costs under control.

Be a “shopper hopper.” Comparing prices on products at different stores can net you some serious savings. Be sure to check out different types of stores, including ones you might not think of for groceries, such as big-box stores, dollar-store chains, and wholesale clubs.

Get generic. Gone are the days when generic or store-label brands were considered inferior knockoffs. Stores have worked to produce high-quality alternatives to name brands, and many generic products are made by a name-brand manufacturer but packaged under a different label. 

Go old school. Despite the popularity of online shopping, paper coupons can produce some serious savings. Get the weekend newspaper to peruse what’s available in your area and be sure to check out any free “shopper” papers. 

Consider curbside shopping. In-store shopping can cause you to impulse buy products you don’t need. It’s easier to stick to a shopping list when you’re filling an online shopping cart for curbside pickup. 

Understand sale cycles. Stores stock up on specialty food and candy for holidays, potentially leaving large overstock later. Shop the clearance section after the holidays are over. 

Buy in bulk. Bulk purchases can produce big savings—just be sure not to purchase more than you can use. If you don’t want to buy a membership to a wholesale club, shop around for online retailers that offer bulk options.  

Don’t shop when you’re hungry. It’s easier to resist picking up tasty but high-priced snacks and prepackaged items if you shop on a full stomach. 

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