Crop Insurance 101: Hail Plan Comparison

Crop-Hail insurance, coverage against physical damage from hail, is available through a variety of private products. These policies provide coverage on an acre-by-acre basis which means damage to only one part of the field may be eligible for payment.

Below are the highlights of some policies to consider.


  • Coverage for direct loss caused by fire or lightning.
  • Can supplement MPCI or be stand-alone.

Basic Hail

  • No deductible.
  • Coverage up to the actual cash value of the insured crop.

Deductible Hail

  • Multiple percentage deductible options are available.
  • A percentage deductible applies before loss triggers a payment.

Companion Hail

  • Deductible options from 0% to 15%.
  • Coverage options available to increase payment.

Production Plan Hail

  • Coverage provided on a unit basis.
  • Coverage based on Actual Production History (APH).

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