Crop Insurance 101: Precision Farming

Many Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs) facilitate the use of Precision Ag data. You already have the data, save time by using it for your crop insurance.


  • Accuracy – pay premium on the acres you actually plant.
  • Free – there is no cost to you to report your information with precision data.
  • Efficiency – faster claim settlements.
  • Precision – maintain the most precise Actual Production History (APH) information possible.
  • Ease – serves as a great method for record keeping.


  • GPS technology integrated with planter monitors, combine monitors and yield mapping software.
  • Planting and harvesting summary report.
  • Calibrations performed per manufacturer’s specifications.


  1. Plant or Harvest fields.
  2. Upload data wirelessly.
  3. Review and sign reports.

To learn more about the insurance products available for farm risk management, reach out to Chelsea Heatherington at Kingsgate Insurance.

Chelsea Heatherington, Farm & Ag Specialist

Call or Text: 515-302-8400


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