Don’t let your auto insurance lapse.

Having a lapse in coverage means that you do not have financial protection if you get into an auto accident.

  • You will have to pay out of pocket for damages to property and for medical expenses.
  • Increased rates can happen due to having a lapse in coverage.
  • In almost any state that has minimum coverage laws, you face revocation of your registration and license along with daily fines until you show proof of coverage.
  • Failing to make payments and having your insurance lapse, could make it harder for you to find new coverage in the future, with other potential carriers.

If you’ve missed a payment by a few days.

If you’ve only missed the payment by a few days, you likely can reinstate your policy without a lapse in coverage or other serious consequences, as you’re still in the grace period.

If your car insurance has been canceled

If your insurance premium went unpaid long enough for your coverage to be canceled, you’ll have to apply for a new policy. Unfortunately, car insurance companies charge more for drivers who have had their insurance terminated due to missed payments. It’s even possible that your previous insurer will not offer you insurance at all, in which case you’ll need to go with another company.

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