Farm Insurance 101: Actual Cash Value vs Replacement Cost Value

Depending on the insurer, policy, and coverage type farmowners may be provided with the option to insure property and belongings for either their actual cash value (ACV) or replacement cost value (RCV).

The Replacement Cost Value (RCV) represents the expense of replacing your property that has been damaged or stolen, without taking depreciation into account. In the event of a covered loss resulting in the theft, damage, or destruction of your personal belongings, and if you have RCV coverage, your insurer might provide full reimbursement, enabling you to replace the items with new ones at their current market price.

The Actual Cash Value (ACV) is the sum required to replace your property that has been damaged or stolen, adjusted for depreciation at the time of the loss. To determine an item’s ACV, an insurance adjuster will likely start from the cost of replacing your damaged or stolen property and lower the value based on depreciation factors, such as age and wear and tear. The process will vary by insurer, your adjuster may help you to understand the factors that go into it.

Curious whether ACV or RCV is the better option? The decision is contingent on your financial considerations, your insurance provider, and your individual inclinations. In the event of a selection, opting for actual cash value could be a cost-effective alternative, whereas replacement cost value generally provides broader coverage. It’s essential to determine whether you prioritize extended coverage with a higher premium or reduced coverage with a lower premium.

ACV = Less coverage for a lower price

RCV = More coverage for a higher price

Essential points to remember:

  • Replacement cost value (RCV) covers the full cost of replacing your property without considering depreciation.
  • Actual cash value (ACV) accounts for depreciation when determining the amount paid to replace your property.
  • The choice between RCV and ACV coverage may be available, depending on your insurer, policy, and coverage type.

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