How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack

Preparing to protect your business against a cyber-attack should always be on your check list.

Businesses of all sizes are targets of cyber-attacks, leaving no business free from the risk. Is your business prepared? Here are three tips on how you can protect your business for the unexpected.

1. Understand your systems and the information being gathered

Ensure your organization has a plan to protect against cyber-attacks. It is important to understand what information systems your business is using and what is being collected through these systems. For example, your business may be collecting IP addresses, email address, passwords, and more. It varies depending on your business.

Once you identify what information your business is collecting, you want to make sure you are following your states laws and regulations to keep the information protected. Knowing the information you have will lower the cost of responding to an attack or breach.

2. Control the physical things

Make sure you have a firewall installed. Keep in mind that even if you have a firewall installed it is only effective if it is properly configured. To know if it is properly configured you will need to check your firewall regularly. Use a VPN (virtual private network) to secure access if you have remote employees or allow remote access.

Secure your WiFi networks. Make sure your password is strong and do not use a default password. If you’re allowing guests to access your WiFi, consider setting up a separate router and password.

Control access to your computers and data. Set up user profiles so only authorized users have access to your systems and data. Create rules that ensure strong passwords are set for these users.

3. Educate your employees

Your employees need to understand the impact a cyber-attack could have on the business and how to help prevent against it.

Training your employees is the most effective way of ensuring they understand the company policies and procedures when it comes to cyber-attacks. Consider hosting a training course, posting security tips throughout the office, encouraging employees to attend webinars, and regularly educating them about current threats happening, for example, phishing attempts.

These are just few tips to help protect your business from cyber-attacks. Ask us today about Cyber Coverage.

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