How Tree Trimming Companies Can Keep Insurance Costs Under Control

Insurance premiums can be one of the bigger expenses for any tree trimming business. In addition, insurance carriers are becoming more cautious with the risks they write. Tree trimmers with high frequency and severity of claims will feel the greatest impact of the hardening market.

With the insurance marketplace firming up this year, companies have to be aware of what causes premiums to rise and how they can control them.

Employee safety training is of utmost importance for mitigating the risk of accidents. Running a good, safe, high productive business will position you to minimize the impact of increased premiums.

You also want to make sure your business is placed with an insurance carrier that has a specialty program specifically designed for the tree care industry. These programs are tailored for providing protection for most of the risks that commonly arise for tree trimming businesses. Kingsgate Insurance has positioned ourselves as the premiere agency for tree trimming companies of all sizes. Our partnership with multiple carriers with specialty tree trimming programs allows us to pair your tree trimming business with the carrier that is best suited for your companies needs, while keeping premiums competitive.

To learn more about the insurance products available for Tree Trimmer risk management, reach out to Dave Jakeman at Kingsgate Insurance.

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