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Kingsgate Insurance prides ourselves on building relationships with those we work with to help you navigate the path to success. Our process really begins with the curiosity and desire to understand the inner workings of a business, otherwise it is not possible to adequately perform exposure identification.

We first will work with you to identify and analyze risk exposures which will then lead us to designing strategies to help mitigate risk. We believe innovation and constant improvement is the foundation for success. From there the strategies will be executed with procurement of insurance where we believe that value must always exceed the price. We close our process with monitoring as success is in the follow through!

Our approach really helps to set us apart from other insurance agencies. Some of the items our office offers to help make your life easier include, but are not limited to:

  • Online enrollment platforms to help streamline the process.
  • Multiple tools which assist in helping you stay compliant – Zywave, Compliance Check, Wellness 401K, FMLA, IA Continuation, COBRA, Continuation Coverage,
  • Employee Deductions – Summary Plan Documents (ERISA)
  • Guide Trak
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