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Finding the correct benefits for you and your employees is important. With the rising cost of benefits going up, we will work with companies to design a benefits program that make sense for the company and employees.

Please see below a brief description of what Kingsgate has to offer both for group and individual.

Group health insurance is a great way to retain employees and make sure they understand you care about their health. We will help you find the best plan that fits your group.

The least expensive way to show employees you value them. We can help you find the perfect amount of life insurance for your employees.

Injuries and illness can wreak havoc on an employee’s income. With Disability insurance, you can protect your employee’s income while also showing them you value their employment.

Voluntary benefits are another great way to retain and attract potential employees. Offering employees, the option to add valued benefits, at no cost to the employer.

We’ll help you review the coverage you now offer and recommend ways to make your benefits program more robust.

Often times people have a misconception that life insurance costs more than it really does. We’ll walk you through the benefits of life insurance and how you can help plan and take care of your family’s long term financial needs.

Your single greatest asset is your ability to generate an income. Disability protects you should you lose that ability through illness or injury.

As we get older, we have this fear of the nursing home and losing all our assets/belongings. We want to make sure that you understand that long term care is designed to cover long-term services and supports such as the nursing home.

For individuals, Kingsgate offers a similar lineup of products. We will review everything with you so you understand what you are buying, what the cost is, and how it protects you and your family

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