Tree Trimming Companies Must Protect Themselves Before Accidents Happen

Lawsuits are becoming more and more prevalent in the world we live in today. Making sure your team is protecting themselves from litigation has never been more important. When situations do arise, it is of utmost importance to make sure you are protected. Here are some things that you can do today, to make sure you are not leaving yourself exposed when a potential claim arises:

Having your policy reviewed at least annually by your current agent, or another agent with an expertise in tree trimming specialty programs, is important for identifying potential coverage gaps in your policy and what options are available to fill those gaps.

Watch your drivers MVRs. If an employee causes an accident and has a colorful MVR that you didnt check, it makes you look complicit. Provide drivers training and verify MVR for drivers. Large trucks can cause substantial damage. They can also damage the reputation of a company if they are shown to be careless when it comes to the management of their drivers.

You never want to have a driver with bad history causing severe damage to your business operations and reputation.It is important to have residential customer contracts that expressly state what a client elects not to do and is also signed off on by the client. Be sure to state the company responsibilities are only for the work you are doing during the time and duration of the project. It is also important to have your contracts reviewed by a legal professional.

To learn more about the insurance products available for Tree Trimmer risk management, reach out to Dave Jakeman at Kingsgate Insurance.

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