Auto Insights: Choosing the Right Auto Body Shop

When your car needs body work, selecting the right repair shop can be challenging. You don’t want to overpay, but you also don’t want subpar work. This article covers some aspects to consider when choosing an auto body shop.

Know Where You’re Going

There are numerous types of body shops, including independent shops, dealerships, specialists and franchises. Research these different types of shops to see what value each may offer to you. For instance, dealerships may cost more, but they may be the most familiar with the types of vehicles they sell. Alternatively, for simple repairs, a franchise store may offer the best value.

Check Certification

Check the certifications of the body shop you’re considering. Many body shops require their technicians to receive certification and extra training in certain areas. For instance, PPG certification shows a technician’s adeptness in auto paints and coatings. OEM is another certification, given to a body shop as a whole. This means the shop meets the standards of the original manufacturer and follows their repair specifications, using original parts.

Visit the Shop

When visiting a body shop, consider its appearance. The space should be kept clean and organized, with quality equipment in good condition. Technician and shop certifications should be displayed prominently in the waiting area, which should be tidy and comfortable.

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